Thursday, December 5, 2013

Folk remedies for cold and flu season/ 24 Hour Care in Arcadia

Americans love it, takeout is mostly comprised of it, but who knew that asian food is such a 

powerful cold buster? Asian foods have anti-inflammatory capacities, and include ingredients that can help elders reduce congention, stir appetite, and improve health after a cold. A-1 Home Care investigates:

Spicy foods may help reduce congestion associated with the common cold or influenza. If you have an appetite for them once cold or flu symptoms have set in, incorporate spicy foods such as hot peppers, hot mustard, miso, horse radish and Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Mexican dishes into your diet. Indian food also contains curcumin, a natural herb that, like ginger, has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Curcumin is found in mustard, and ginger is a popular ingredient in Asian cooking. If your appetite is dampened by cold or flu, eat smaller, simple meals or snacks that are spicy. Try miso soup or toast topped with spicy mustard as a means of relieving congestion.

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